The past is our definition. we may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it.
Wendell Berry. (via futuretoews)

It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.
Rose Kennedy (via nonelikejustin)

I believe humanity was born from conflict. Maybe that’s why in all of us lives a dark side. Some of us embrace it. Some have no choice. The rest of us fight it. And in the end, it’s as natural as the air we breathe. Some point, we’re forced to face the truth…ourselves.
Stated by Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds (via nonelikejustin)

We are each on our own journey. Each of us is on our very own adventure; encountering all kinds of challenges, and the choices we make on that adventure will shape us as we go; these choices will stretch us, test us and push us to our limit; and our adventure will make us stronger then we ever know we could be.

Aamnah Akram

Stated by Garcia on Criminal Minds

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As an Aquarius, you want nothing more than to have lots of interesting friends, fulfilling work, and for the world to be a better place.

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